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Technology Curriculum


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Check out the Wiki and the blog provided by the curriculum team for the latest tips and resources available.

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Welcome to the Whitley County District Leadership Team resource page.  This page is dedicated to making current instructional resources available to all teachers and staff.  Through the leadership team, the district provides support in Reading, Math, Writing, Technology Integration, Resources for homeless students and PAVE program.

Paula Rickett, DAC/Title 1 Director/K-8 Instructional Supervisor - ext. 2026

Kim Creekmore, District Math Specialist - ext. 2046

Heather Stewart, District Reading Specialist - ext. 2039

Ruth Osborne, District Science Specialist - ext. 2044

Laural Bowlin, District Writing Specialist - ext. 2070 

Meleesha Hooper, Homeless Liaison - ext. 4417

Kellie Anderson, District Technology Resource Teacher - ext. 2025

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